"It is totally unbelievable! It lay vast and shimmering in the hazy first light of dawn like a giant silver egg Towenng over the neighborhood buildings its slick sides rippled with subtle lights that seemed to make it come alive and dance in the early morning Las Vegas light.

Ifit was possible to believe such a thing it looked as if it had landed it certainly wasn't there last night, tendrils of misty smoke clung to where one end appeared to be buried in the ground, The force ofits arrival had heaped up the paving and tvnsted the landscape, Already burst water pipes were filling up
the crater that surrounded it so that it seam ed to float on water.

The air was filled vnth a soft humming noise and the
iridescent form began to pulsate. spectacular colored
lights played over its sides.

To the people who watched from a distance, it was as if it was trying to communicate, the message felt wamwand inviting and exhilarating and exciting.

To their amazement a sliver of its side cracked open
with great a hiss of escaping energy. The people squinted against the brilliant light that streamed from the opening to see what lay within. To their amazement a man with a guitar stood silhouetted with his hand above his head.

With a sweep ofhis arm he played a mighty chord that echoed of every building in Vegas.

He said

Tom Wright - Atkins Global. architect, Bun Al Arab in Dubai


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